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 Planning to get a job at Emirates National Oil Company? Let us show you all the available vacancies at ENOC Careers and guide you on the application process. Emirates National Oil Company Group (ENOC) operating since 1993 has rapidly evolved into a global giant for the energy sector.

The company is owned by the Government of Dubai, ENOC owns and operates assets in exploration and production, supply and operations, terminal, aviation fuel and petroleum products. So lets explore ENOC Jobs available in Dubai.

ENOC Careers Oil and Gas Jobs in Dubai

Detailed Information About Emirates National Oil Company

Growing ENOC is the PLATFORM for the variety of business people for their empowerment. Emirates national oil company UAE used to lead globally from years. Being reputable with supply, processing, and trading along the marketing it SERVES you the GREAT. Also, the retail & production segment of it is highly scalable. To drive the financial system of Dubai, it contributes a lot. Well to support this state this company safeguards the economy and development of the country. In 2018 it won the reward of Public Sector Professional 2018 for its focus & attempt to save the BUSINESS from unforeseen harmful events. Also, keeps the business stability even in the emergency.

ENOC Jobs (Most Widely Seen Announcement)

All the petrol pump attendants & drivers may have the option of good living too. It not only provides the job but also bumps up your career with its automated service stations and customers once-over. Again to get the driver job and even the truck driver job is trouble-free with this firm.

How To Apply For ENOC Careers?

Congrats for all who are looking for the bright future! Emirates Oil Company is offering the chances for varied skill sets. Therefore, Welcome to ENOC careers for vivid potential to meet up all your needs! 

Emirates National Oil Company Job Vacancies:

Senior Support Specialist (Microsoft Dynamics AX) Dubai Apply Now
Administrative Assistant (Emirati Talent) Dubai Apply Now
Automotive Parts Manager (Emirati Talent) Dubai Apply Now
Project Manager Dubai Apply Now
Procurement Controller Dubai Apply Now


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